Delivering what you want, whenever you want it.

Jalo allows your business to deliver anything, at the tap of a button.

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Helping you handle your deliveries.

Are you a business seeking the most convenient way to get your products delivered to your customers homes? Jalo is the solution for you.
Jalo is a web based platform that allows businesses leverage our crowd sourced network of courier partners to fulfill deliveries.

What Jalo Offers...

Delivery service in your pocket.

Simple and fluid design, to complete notification at every step, we're rethinking delivery.

Transparent Pricing

View the cost of service before placing your order.

Easy to Use

Set pickup and drop-off locations, specify the item and any other information, and request a delivery.

Stay Updated

Know the minute your request is assigned, the location of your riders and when your package is delivered.

Multiple Request Channels

Request delivery using the web, mobile application, text, phone call and social media.

Logistics Made Easy

Take advantage of additional solutions offered by Jalo to ease your logistics process.

Serving your delivery needs


We partner with your business to make the process of delivering your goods to your consumers as smooth and efficient for you as we possibly can.
You can sign up on our Get-It platform to make getting your goods to your consumers a breeze, or simply sign up to have Jalo as your delivery partner. We handle your deliveries so you don't have to.

Jalo for E-Commerce

Unlock the power of your e-commerce store by offering your customers same day delivery on items purchased.
With Jalo API integrated in your online store we let you focus on selling while we focus on delivering.
It's a match made in heaven.

Featured In

We've been featured in a number of leading publications.