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Frequenlty Asked Questions.

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It’s easy. Send us a message with what you want delivered. You can speak with a Jalo Order Officer or directly with a merchant with your request. We’ll let you know once your request has been received and assigned to a Jalo Messenger for delivery. That’s it!
You can choose to pay on delivery, or online. Payment is made online within the chat window. For payment on delivery we collect cash as soon as delivery is completed, please be sure to have cash or card available.
Yes it is. All packages delivered using Jalo are fully insured against theft and damages.
Yes. A delivery code is generated on completing the request form. Use this code to track your delivery online or by calling our customer care aegents. When delivery is complete, a message will be sent to you to confirm delivery.
If it's an item in a store or restaurant in your city, we can deliver it. If it's a personal item or document you just want to move from one location to another we can deliver it. As far as it fits in with our terms of service, Jalo will deliver.
Yes. Businesses can tap into our network of Jalo messengers and leverage our infrastructure to offer delivery to their customers. Or better still, you can list as a partner merchant on Jalo and interact directly with your customers over chat.
Jalo is currently available in Abuja. But we are expanding to more cities soon. You can stay updated with us to know when we will be available in your city.
To cancel your request, simply call 090-9864-3054. Let us know your order number and we will cancel the request. Please note charges are applied to cancellation.
To become a partner merchant simply head over to and fill the registration form. Someone from our partnership team will contact you as soon as your form is submitted.
Yes you can. You track the status of your delivery request, using your order number or track the location of your Jalo messenger at each step of the delivery.