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Become A Delivery Partner For Jalo

Make money by delivering packages for Jalo. All you need is an asset, a smart phone
and a dedication to see all Jalo customers happy.

Why Partner With Us

Earn Money

Earn money on each request tied to you. Earn up to $2 per order shipped.

Get Paid Per Shipment

Get paid for each successful delivery completed.

Access to Customers

Being a carrier in our delivery network will helo ensure your assets are not idle.

Market Our Services

Become a Jalo Champion and market our product and services for a fee.

Our partnerships involve diverse carrier types that are united by a commitment to provide world-class shipping experiences.

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Large Assets

Typically carriers with assets typically used to convey large shipments. If your fleet includes 5 to 15 tonne trucks you will be a goof partnership fit.

Medium Assets

If you own a car, van or mini truck, you can sign up to be a carrier for medium size shipments with Jalo.

Small Assets

These asset type includes motorcycles. We partner with carriers that own motorcycles, we also provide a lease-to-own model for carrier who know how to ride a motorcycle but don't have one.

To find out more information about the requirements you need to start delivering for Jalo, click on the accordion tabs below:

Fill out the online registration form. Click the link below: Register As Delivery Partner
Once your application is approved you will contacted by a member of our team.

Motorcycles (150cc and above) We only allow 150cc or higher motorcycles in our delivery network, to meet Government regulations on motorcycles. Recommended brands include; Q-Link, Motobi, and Bajaj.
Trucks (5,10 and 15 ton)


Before a motorcycle or keke is placed on our network, it goes through inspection to verify it meets our operating standards.


The following documentation is required for every asset on out Network;

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Vehicle License
  • Loacl Government Papers
  • Insurance
  • Local Government Registration
  • If you have an asset but don't have a driver for it, we can help you find one from our pool of vetted riders. Call us on 081-7908-8897 for more information.

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    Partner with us today

    We work with truck owners, smaller carrier companies, individuals with cars, vans or bikes to build partnerships and relationships that ultimately benefit the business operator and end consumer.